Money Savings for your business and home

We are in the process of helping our clients not only with their accounts but cutting costs in general including utility bills.

One of our associates may be able to save you a considerable amount not only for your business but also for your home.

She offers a number of services which can save you money such on the following: –

  • Energy – Both Gas and electric (Business & Home)
  • Home Phone
  • Broadband
  • Mobile

I have a number of clients who have already benefitted from using this service and, my colleague has personally benefitted and saved £600.00 on her home energy costs alone.

my colleague has stated “I originally did not have the time to look at my household costs or transfer the account over but this was completed for me and even the transfer of the account from my existing energy company to the new one was undertaken without any inconvenience to me at all.”

As a practice we have not and will not benefit at all as a result of any savings you obtain but obviously everyone at the moment is looking at costs savings exercises and we feel this may well interest you.

If you feel this will benefit you please contact us on:

or telephone 01512275353