No More Excuses with Andrew Keates and Associates Accountants 

Whether you are the owner of a business of any size, orsimply dealing with your own personal accounts, keeping on top of financial affairs can often be an ongoing inconvenience. Liverpool accountants, Andrew Keates and Associates recognise that each client needs a personal tailored approach to their financial needs with different levels of support and guidance. Based at Clock Tower House, Truman Street, Liverpool, Andrew Keatesand Associates are accountants with a range of specialities amongst them.

This month, HMRC published a list of bizarre excuses they received for late tax returns from UK taxpayers. These included “my pet dog atemy tax return” “my girlfriend is pregnant” and one oddly preoccupied citizen who claimed “I’ve been busy looking after a flock of escaped parrots and some fox cubs.” Despite variations in creativity and truthfulness, the one thing these excuses have in common is that none of them are valid. HMRC also leaves no room for uncertainty. Tax returns Liverpool need not be a challenge if you get Andrew Keates and Associates on side. One simple meeting could solve yourtax related issues, meaning you could avoid the dreaded £100 fine that comes from a late tax return form.

HMRC are clearly on the ball. In January 2015 alone, they announced plans for legislation change which would see tax coding notices sent electronically rather than on paper which would save the Revenue printing costsand freeing up resources in order to improve customer service levels. They also announced plans to make changes to life insurance tax liabilities penaltiesthis month, meaning that life insurance companies can now potentially have penalties they may have occurred abated if they co-operate after making an error. Regardless of if these examples are situations which could affect you oryour company; they are examples of how quickly HMRC update their systems and regulations and how easy it can be to fall behind with how you should be managing your finances.

As far  Andrew Keates accountants areconcerned they can keep track of your accounts so that you don’t have to stressover them and focus on the important day to day running of your business orlife.  The accountancy company inLiverpool will keep everything in order for you, but won’t keep you in the dark when it comes to financial choices. Whether you need an ongoing provision of service such as your company accounts kept in check, cash flow forecasts drawnup and monitored and payrolls processed, or if you need a limited amount of advice sessions, help with company formation and changes, or even personal tax advice; it is never a bad time to contact Andrew Keates and his team.