Calling All Liverpool Newlyweds. Married Couples Tax Break Registration is Now Open!

Married couples and civil partners can now register onlinefor a new tax allowance. The marriage allowance permits a spouse of civilpartner who does not pay income tax to transfer up to £1060 of personal taxfree allowance to their partner. However, only households on lower incomesstand to benefit. If the partner is a higher rate tax payer, someone earningmore than £42,386 then the couple will be excluded from this tax break.

Andrew Keates accountants can confirm that this scheme iscentred around the introduction of the recognition of marriage into the UK taxsystem. The allowance will be available from April but couples can registernow. The allowance is set to benefit more than 4 million married couples and15,000 civil partners, who will save up to £212 a year.

The tax break scheme works due to all workers having apersonal allowance for tax. This is the amount of money that an individual canearn in a year before they must pay tax. Currently this amount of £10,000 butin April will rise to £1,060. From April, married couples (or civil partners)where one person earns less than the personal allowance will be allowed totransfer up to £1,060 of their unused allowance to their partner thus reducingtheir tax bill. The receiving partner must be a basic rate taxpayer and earningno more than £42,385.

The limit of £1,060 will increase automatically in line withthe personal allowance.

Married couples and civil partners where one person earnsover the basic rate threshold are exempt regardless of what the other partnerearns. Couples where the lowest earner brings in more than the personalallowance will also miss out, due to only unused allowances being transferred.Couples who are cohabiting but not married or in a civil partnership will alsobe excluded. 

Andrew Keates Accountants Liverpool : Is Your Business Eligible for up to £3,000?

HMRC announced that businesses could be eligible for up to £3,000 in order to upgrade your business's broadband. It is just up to you to apply for it!

You could be eligible for up to £3,000 to cover theinstallation costs of upgrading to a faster and more reliable connection foryour business, which is obviously crucial to the day to day running of any enterprise. With an additional up to £3,000 you could get a fibre optic cable or wireless broadband connection; amongst other options. Most businesses in this scheme will pay VAT and standard monthly charges, but nothing else.

There are already thousands of businesses in the 22 Super Connected Cities Programme are already benefitting from the scheme. By upgrading you could join them in increasing business productivity  by having the ability to do things faster,customer service could be improved and you could access new markets through video conferencing with your new high speed connection abilities.

If you are a business, take the advice of our Liverpool Accountants and check out to see if you are eligible.