Liverpool Accountancy Updates: HMRC Email Campaign Announced.

HMRC has started a new email promotion inviting volunteer agents to try the ‘Agents online self-serve private beta service’ for PAYE employer accounts. The emails will hold a link to the service yet no personal or financial information will be asked for. These emails are legitimate.

However, taxpayers need to be conscious of the numerous deceitful emails that are being sent supposedly by HMRC. The sender’s email address can every so often point to a fraudulent email although fraudsters have been known to hoax the ‘from’ address to look like a legitimate HMRC address for example  Fake email messages can appear to be genuine but clicking on a link from within the email can result in personal information being compromised and the likelihood of computer viruses distressing your computer or smartphone.

Counterfeit emails are being sent from around the world to UK taxpayers looking to trick them into responding with individual or monetary information such as passwords, credit card or bank account details. The phishing emails often consist of a link to a fake website encouraging the receiver to put in their personal details.

If you are hesitant as to the weight of any email it should not be opened until the dispatcher can be confirmed. HMRC has reiterated many times before that they do not send notifications of tax rebates by email nor do they ask recipients to reveal personal or payment details by email.

For more information about this new PAYE scheme contact us at Andrew Keates.

Liverpool Accountants Feedback: How the 2015 Budget Affects Small Businesses

With the 2015 general election looming closer and closer, this year’s budget was always going to be a major talking point in what the future of this country looks like. As accountants in Liverpool we care and are dedicated to the businesses that we work with, many of whom are small and medium sized businesses. We have devised a guide, cutting through the rhetoric on how the 2015 budget affects small to medium sized businesses (providing the government stays Conservative!)


As leading Liverpool accountants we have been delighted to see that things aren’t actually awful for the economy at the moment and many of our small business clients have had a successful past few months. The UK has had the fastest annual economic growth amongst the G7 countries in 2014 and the strongest annual growth since 2007. There is a lot to be positive about.

Leadership organisation Vistage recently reported that from their survey findings, British businesses are generally expecting strong sales and growth in 2015. A huge 75% of you plan to grow your workforce this year and our Liverpool accountancy team can’t wait to work with you.

The General Election

The general election is now less than a month away. Nobody knows who is going to be leading parliament come summertime. Policy’s could be about to shift and small businesses are often impacted by this. It is hard to plan confidently until after the election results.

The budget that was announced by George Osborne last month, is however likely to be implemented to some extent so let’s have a closer look at the specific parts of the budget that will affect our friends and clients who own small or medium sized businesses.

Corporation Tax Reductions

Great news for businesses making a profit in excess of £300,000. Corporation tax for you has been reduced to 20%.

National Insurance Contributions

The government plans to scrap National Insurance Contributions (NIC) for businesses employing under 21s. This is to encourage businesses to employ young team members, under 21 who we know firsthand can be valuable assets to any small or medium sized business.

Employment Allowance

 Described by Chancellor George Osborne as ‘cash back on jobs’ employers can reduce their NIC by being exempt from the first £2000 of their National Insurance Contributions.

Tax Avoidance: Tighter Controls

As Liverpool accountants; us and tax advisers are now subject to new legislation to fight tax avoidance.

Invest in the Future Tax Breaks

Investment allowance has been doubled to £500,000 and extended to the end of 2015. This means that almost every UK business will pay no upfront tax on investment, meaning businesses should take this opportunity to invest!

Exports Encouraged

The amount of lending available to businesses that export is being doubled to three billion pounds. Plus interest rates are cut by half. During the budget announcements, Osborne argued that this could lead to the UK going from the least competitive export finance to the most competitive.

There we have it…

Lots of exciting and beneficial opportunities there for small to medium businesses. For additional information you can contact us to discuss any way that the budget changes could help your business and to get the highest standard of advice from our team of Liverpool accountants.