The Liverpool Duck Race!

We have just made out a donation and decorated our duck for the 2014 Liverpool Duck Race for the following charities : –

Radio City Cash for Kids and Claire House.

The duck race is taking place on 20th September 2014 and our duck is on display at the Museum of Liverpool!

Here are a few images of our duck, click on a image to enlarge.

image image2 image1

For more information on the duck run click here!

Snowdonia Zip Wire Charity Event!

Our brave member of the team, Lauren has recently taken part in Europe’s Longest and Fastest Zip wire in Snowdonia North Wales on 14 June 2014 to help raise funds on behalf of Claire House Children’s Hospice (Charity number: 1004058).

Here are a few pictures of the event, click to enlarge the image:

Lauren on the left  Lauren on the right  Snowdonia, North Wales

Lauren flew solo through the skies at over 100mph, and 500ft in the air!!!!

So far Lauren has raised over £205.00 exceeding her target of £150.00.

To see Laurens story and Just Giving page please click on the link below: –

Is this help for the small business?

The potential impact of the introduction of RTI (Real Time Information) by HMRC is hugely demanding on the ‘small business’ in addition to all the other commercial issues of general business. So yesterday an announcement has been made that the introduction of RTI for ‘small businesses’ has been deferred whilst they carry out various consultations during the summer.

However it hasn’t gone away and those businesses will have until 5 October 2013 to have everything in place and then they must operate wages/payroll under this regime.

In the meantime those employers can choose to file their wage information with HMRC but if they do then it must be filed before wages are paid, certainly no later than the end of the tax month, 5th of each month.

So just when the facts were becoming clearer HMRC have muddied the waters.

Are you confused as to whether or not RTI is immediately required for you?

Where you ready in the first place and do you know what information is required to be filed? Do you know the extent of the information being placed in the hands of HMRC?

If you have answered ‘no’ to anyone of these questions or have concerns over the operation of RTI then please contact Andrew Keates on 0151 277 5353 or you can visit our website

We can help with PAYE/Payroll Real Time Information (RTI) Changes in April 2013

Undoubtedly one of the most important changes ever to the operation of payroll/PAYE since it first commenced.

Although it has already been in operation for a few months for larger organisations the real impact for small/medium businesses really kicks in from the 6th April 2013. The ‘start date’ depends upon your PAYE reference number however that does not prevent anybody preparing to implement the new system.

Care and attention needs to be made to ensure that all the data held for employees is complete and correct for all the filing requirements laid down by HMRC. Equally important is to endure that your software, or that of your advisor, is fully compliant.

Basic information such as employee’s full names, dates of birth and NI numbers need to be full and correct, these are just some of the basic requirements and frequently this information is actually noted incorrectly.

The details are required so that everything is compliant with HMRC’s system and will also provide up to date details regarding all employees and therefore any application for the new ‘Universal Tax  Credit’ system.

Information is to be provided within and by a specific date/time and failure to comply by the deadline and/or pay any liability by the due date will, in due course, result in interest/penalty charges. All the information is to be reported as well before the wages are paid, so accuracy becomes hugely important

We can’t emphasise enough the need to take proper professional advice and if you have any queries or feel we can be of assistance then please contact us on 0151 649 1545 as a matter of urgency, remember the date – 6th April 2013!!

Andrew Keates Company Liverpool Accountants saving you time and money

We can help with your company accounts with a number of Accountancy services to save you time and money while ensuring all the necessary areas are covered, whether you are a Limited Company, sole trader, partnership, LLP or CIC (Community Interest Company).

Our Liverpool Accountants ensure your accounts will be prepared and submitted by the due dates regardless of your status. For Limited Companies we will guarantee that Accounts and all associated paperwork are filed at both Companies House and HMRC by the due dates.

For more information please visit our company accounts page here

or contact us on: 0151 227 5353