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    We offer a solution to all of your problems in this area. Consider how much time you spend dealing with paperwork instead of actually:-

    • Working and earning more money!!
    • Relaxing and putting your feet up.
    • Going out and enjoying yourself.

    Let us take the problems off your shoulders and deal with that bag of invoices, even the bag doesnt matter- Aldi, Marks & Spensers, its all the same to us.

    If you have a problem with your book keeping then please contact us for more information

    Client Testimonial

    " The hours I have worried and spent working dealing with something Im not comfortable with and making numerous errors. I approached Andrew and all those issues are now being dealt with in a professional way and I dont have to worry anymore. A weekend is now spent enjoying myself with my family and not ploughing through paperwork. "

    - Mr McGuire (Self Employed)


    VAT compliance can take time and keep you from focusing on the day to day needs of your business. We at Andrew Keates & Associates can help to take the pressure off by offering services catering to all your VAT requirements.


    If HMRC have raised an inspection into your business we have the skill and staff to help you through this troublesome time.


    In so many ways one of potentially the most complex tax areas. However we look at each case based on its own merits with a view to mitigating any potential tax liability, from the smallest liability to the most significant one.


    We can take some of the pressure off you by offering our services to help you file your Self Assessment Tax Return with HMRC.

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