• Testimonials

    "Having previously experienced numerous delays in the completion of my accounts and submission to the relevant authorities by previous accountants, I have to say how much of a refreshing change it has been to have everything dealt with on time By Andrew Keates & Associates."

    - Director of Liverpool based Construction Firm

    " The hours I have worried and spent working dealing with something Im not comfortable with and making numerous errors. I approached Andrew and all those issues are now being dealt with in a professional way and I dont have to worry anymore. A weekend is now spent enjoying myself with my family and not ploughing through paperwork. "

    - Mr McGuire (Self Employed)

    " Following discussions with Andrew he has reduced our Corporation Tax bills by an amount in excess if 640,000 (yes that much!!) over the next 5 years between 2 companies. I honestly couldn't believe how original his thoughts were. "

    - Company Director North West England

    " I didn't have the time or expertise to do it myself and I couldn't afford a full time payroll clerk. All my payroll problems were resolved by Andrew and his colleagues and everything lodged on time, a huge relief and a problem I no longer have to worry about."

    - Director of Wirral based Company

    " I dreaded each quarter as it came around until I met with the team at Andrew Keates & Associates. For the last couple of years all I have had to do is present my paperwork by an agreed date and everything is taken care of. We then had a further chat and I have been able to reduce my VAT bill by over 50%."

    - Company Director, Construction Firm in Liverpool

    "Nothing has ever prepared me for the worry and stress that followed the receipt of the dreaded letter from HMRC. An enquiry that was potentially damaging to my business and everything else I have. Fortunately Andrew and his Tax colleague took over the enquiry and guided me through every step. An agreement was reached with HMRC and only ended up paying, about 10% of what HMRC originally suggested and then they arranged a period of 5 years for me to pay the liability off. I have retained my business which now grows from strength to strength and I am indebted to Andrew Keates and Associates for their help, support and guidance."

    - Property Management company based in Merseyside

    "My company was formed that day, following a meeting at 9.30. I had my company name and number by late afternoon. Outstanding and brilliant service."

    - Company Director, Action Business Consultants Limited

    "I was struggling to meet the Tax Return filing deadline with a week to go before filing, I was panicking. I didnt have time to complete my records due to work commitments being so demanding so I called Andrew Keates & Associates who told me to bring everything in that I had. They managed to deal with my records and produce a full set of accounts and even file my Tax Return before the deadline date and I avoided any late filing penalties too. "

    - Proprietor of business based in North Liverpool

    "A discussion with Andrew has resulted in a reduction of my capital gains tax bill from in excess of 100,000 to less than 4,000. A time well spent."

    - Property Owner based in North West England

    "My uncle appointed Andrew Keates & Associates as an executer to his will. Upon the sad loss of my uncle, Andrew sorted all the probate out for my family including the finalising of his business affairs, closing all bank accounts, pensions etc. and they even completed the sale of the property, which took a huge burden from our shoulders. I couldn't thank them enough for what they have done for my family."

    - Mrs XYZ, Merseyside


    VAT compliance can take time and keep you from focusing on the day to day needs of your business. We at Andrew Keates & Associates can help to take the pressure off by offering services catering to all your VAT requirements.


    If HMRC have raised an inspection into your business we have the skill and staff to help you through this troublesome time.


    In so many ways one of potentially the most complex tax areas. However we look at each case based on its own merits with a view to mitigating any potential tax liability, from the smallest liability to the most significant one.


    We can take some of the pressure off you by offering our services to help you file your Self Assessment Tax Return with HMRC.

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